Harold Boihem M.A. - Film Editor, Post-Production Supervisor, Independent Filmmaker, Visual Anthropologist

Harold Boihem is an independent filmmaker, visual anthropologist and the creative director of Parallax Pictures, Inc., an internationally recognized award winning film and television Production Company. Harold founded Parallax Pictures with Executive Producer Chris Emmanouilides to communicate social science ideas and concepts through creative and innovative film and television programming. For over ten years Harold has enjoyed success as a director, editor, producer, and post-production supervisor on a wide range of commercial, documentary, educational, and feature film productions.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Harold became interested in documentary still photography in 1981 and began making documentary and experimental films in 1986. In 1990 he began his professional career working as an assistant director, production coordinator, and post-production supervisor on a variety of feature film, network television, and commercial programs.

In 1996, Harold directed, edited, and co-produced THE AD AND THE EGO (1997), his first professional documentary. It has been screened and won awards at film festivals around the world. A partial list, includes: The World Film Festival in Montreal, the San Francisco International Film Festival (first prize Golden Spire Award), the Chicago International Film Festival (third prize Honorable Mention), Murphy’s Cork Film Festival in Ireland (featured documentary), the Central Florida Film and Video Festival (second prize winner), and the Berlin Film Market with the "American Independent Features Abroad" program sponsored by the New York Foundation for the Arts. Currently, Harold is finishing post-production on the long anticipated follow-up to THE AD AND THE EGO entitled: ESCAPE FROM DEMOCRACY (2004), once again featuring music and sound design by media pirates Negativland. Additionally, Harold is currently in pre-production on a feature film about the life and work of Ralph Nader and the modern-day consumer movement entitled CONSUMED (2005). This film is slated to begin production in the winter of 2004.

In addition to his independent film career, Harold is an accomplished director, editor, and producer of high profile television commercials and award winning public service announcements (PSA’s). NIKE REVOLUTION, his innovative critique of Nike and their practice of using child labor in the overseas manufacturing of their products, won Best PSA at the 1998 Philadelphia Addie awards and was honored with a standing ovation by the congregation of advertising professionals. Harold also found it ironic that in the birthplace of democracy in America, people were being denied their right to freedom of speech by their own city council! Believe it or not, for over twenty years, the City of Philadelphia has been in violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, our most sacred right to freedom of speech, by failing to provide for public access television! This unbelievable, incomprehensible, and wholly corrupt situation inspired Harold to write, direct, and produce the impassioned PSA, THAT FREEDOM OF SPEECH THING. In addition to these activities, Harold has worked on many film and television productions, including the Banyan Productions Discovery Channel series TRAVELERS and, more recently, location work on Prince Edward Island as a Post-Production Supervisor and Consultant during the production of Rebecca Miller’s THE BALLAD OF JACK AND ROSE (2005), starring her husband Daniel-Day Lewis.

Harold has taught advanced non-linear digital editing at Temple University in Philadelphia, within their prestigious M.F.A. film program, received a bachelor’s degree in Sociology with minors in Psychology and Management from the University of California, and earned a masters degree in Anthropology within the visual anthropology program at Temple University. He has lived and worked in Philadelphia, New York City and currently Los Angeles.

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