title:                                   NIKE REVOLUTION :60 PSA
client:                                Red Tettemer/Parallax Pictures
production:                      Parallax Pictures
director:                            Harold Boihem
editor/on-line editor:    Harold Boihem
motion graphics:             Harold Boihem

click here to play movie(T-1/ISDN)(56k)

Originally developed by Parallax Pictures and ad agency Red Tettemer to attract a new client, this critique of Nike and their practice of using child labor in the over seas manufacturing of their products was produced, directed and edited by Harold Boihem at Parallax Pictures. Harold made this spot by integrating footage from the original NIKE AIR spot that put Nike on the map back in 1988, with recent footage shot at Nike sweatshops in South Korea and Vietnam. Harold also edited in the Beatles "Revolution" which was used illegally by Nike in their original NIKE AIR spot. Harold won Best PSA for Parallax Pictures and Red Tettemer at the 1998 Philadelphia Addie awards and was honored with a standing ovation by the congregation of advertising professionals.

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