title:                                    THAT FREEDOM OF SPEECH THING :30 PSA
client:                                 Philadelphia Community Access Coalition
production:                       Parallax Pictures
director:                             Harold Boihem
editor/on-line editor:     Harold Boihem
motion graphics:             Harold Boihem

click here to play movie(T-1/ISDN)(56k)

Parallax Pictures took a direct response to the continuing denial of Public Access Television by Philadelphia’s own city council, when Harold Boihem directed, wrote, and produced the controversial PSA, THAT FREEDOM OF SPEECH THING for the Philadelphia Community Access Coalition. Philadelphia remains the only major city in the United States without a public access cable television station, despite the fact that an ordinance was passed by Philadelphia's City Council in 1983 to create one. Cable franchisees have done their part by designating channel space and paying fees to City Council specifically designated for public access. However, ever since 1983 City Council has to collected over 7.5 million dollars and spent this money on unrelated budget items. We find it incredibly ironic, that here in the birthplace of democracy in America, we are being denied our First Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech - 15 years and counting! The Cable Communications Policy Act of 1984 allowed for municipalities to require cable franchise holders to provide a public access channel and make available equipment, studio space and technical assistance. The intention of the 1984 Cable Act was to halt the monopolization of cable TV by few sources. Public access provides the opportunity for mutual communication, education, artistic expression, and other non-commercial uses of public television facilities on an open, equitable basis. Public access is media and communication resources run by citizens for citizens. In other words, democracy in action - but not for Philadelphia!

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