Chris Emmanouilides, M.F.A. - Director of Programming, Executive Producer

Chris Emmanouilides is Director of Programming at Banyan Productions where he oversees over 170 episodes of reality-based television programming. Located in Philadelphia, Banyan Productions currently produces ten series for seven different cable networks including A Wedding Story (TLC), The Things We Do for Love (Lifetime), A Baby Story (TLC), Home Matters (Discovery) and Food Fantasy (Food Network).

Chris is also the Director of Special Projects at Banyan and is Executive Producer of two, prime-time documentaries for the Discovery Channelís ON THE INSIDE series (THE UNKNOWN WORLD OF FIGURE SKATING and ATLANTIC CITY CASINO).

Previously, Chris served as Executive Producer of a sixty-three episode documentary series called REUNION for TLC.  He was also the Executive Producer of forty-two episodes of TRAVELERS, an hour length international travel series for The Discovery Channel.  Before being named Executive Producer, Chris was a producer and cameraman for TRAVELERS where he completed programs in Peru, Chile, Japan and numerous other locations in the United States and around the world.

Chris is co-founder of Parallax Pictures, an independent film and television production company whose focus is on commercial, documentary, and feature filmmaking.  He co-produced and photographed THE AD AND THE EGO, an hour-length documentary on the impact of advertising on contemporary culture, which took first prize in its category at the 40th annual San Francisco International Film Festival in 1997 and is currently in international distribution.

His other films including REMAINS (1993), SUELTO! (1989), A BORDER CROSSING (1988) have screened at numerous international film festivals including Sundance, AFI and Margaret Mead.  Chris is also an advisor on many independent productions and has served on the Advisory Council of the Philadelphia Independent Film and Video Association (PIFVA).  He continues to work as a cameraman on a select number of independent documentary projects and teaches 16mm production at The Scribe Video Center, a community based media arts center in Philadelphia.

Chris received his MFA in Radio-Television-Film from Temple University and resides in Philadelphia.


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