John M. Tyson - Director, Producer, 1st Assistant Director

John Tyson recently directed the national campaign spot for the National Lacrosse League (NLL) entitled THE FASTEST GAME ON TURF.  John created a collection of images from a variety of media including 35MM film, 16MM, and Beta Video.  The spot includes live action during games, incorporating shots of TV monitors and Jumbotrones, shots of fans, and studio shots of players in a black void, as well as blue screen work ? all to create a dynamic vision of the different facets of the sport.  John worked extensively with Lacrosse’s leading star players, who star in the spot, which aired Christmas 1999.

John also directed the commercial spot for SIDEMAN, the 1999 Tony Award winning play on Broadway.  The spot, starring the original cast, including Eddie Falco (SOPRANOS ? HBO), combined the stage play action, shot on 35MM, with moving graphic art of the classic Blue Note Album covers, to tell the story of the Big Band Jazz trumpet sideman, his son, and the musicians around him.  The spot was narrated by the great Jazz DJ Michael Bourne and premiered during the Tony Award Ceremony.

A Graduate from the London International Film School, John returned to the US and embarked on a successful career in motion pictures, commercials, and documentaries.  He has worked on numerous independent and studio films as well as commercials as an assistant director.

His work in the film industry has allowed him to collaborate with some of the most acclaimed directors, cinematographers, and actors.  Among them are Kevin Smith (dir.) and Ben Affleck in CHASING AMY, Rob Morrow (actor, dir.) in the upcoming TOUCHED, Alex Winter (dir.), and Henry Thomas in the upcoming FEVER, Max Mayer (dir.) Olympia Dukakis and Roy Scheider in BETTER LIVING, Lodge Kerrigan (dir.) in Claire Dolan and many more films including I SHOT ANDY WARHOL, THE SUBSTANCE OF FIRE, ALL OVER ME, 12 MONKEYS, AND TWO BITS.  Mr. Tyson was an Associate Producer as well as First Assistant Direct of WALKING TO THE WATERLINE directed by Matt Mullhern and starring Alan Ruck and Matthew Broderick.

John has also worked on numerous national commercial spots throughout the United States for major production companies such as NFL Films, Crossroads Films, and Division 6.  Clients include MTV, AT&T, NFL, ESPN, ABC’s Spin City and Dharma & Greg, NYPD Blue, TNT, IFC, Fox TV, HBO, Burger King, AMC Theatres, Prudential, Nickelodeon, Ramada Inn, U.S. Open, Nike, NJ Tourism Board, Howard Stern Show, and WPVI-Channel 6.

John Tyson was born in Ardmore, PA and currently lives in New York City.


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