With the advent of complete post-production finishing work utilizing Digital Betacam as a final mastering format with Avid XL (1:1) on-line editing systems, graphic design services have become a necessity. Like Avid Technology's Media Composer itself, Adobe After Effects was typically used only in off-line situations to produce mock-ups of graphic and motion graphic elements to be added later in the linear on-line. However, today, innovations in computer technology make it possible not only to design your motion graphics, but composite, fine tune and completely finish them all on one workstation, saving time and money. Itís definitely a different way to work, and many clients are apprehensive about quality control - as they should be. Because, even though the technology may be there, the ability to make it all work together may not be. This is what separates Parallax Pictures from the others - talent, innovation, and experience with the technology of the future, today. Because ultimately, we believe quicker, better, easier, and cheaper will eventually win out. It's just a guess.


title:                                    HOOPSTV.COM :30 SPOT
client:                                 Red Tettemer/
production:                       Red Tettemer
post-producer:                  Harold Boihem
editor/on-line editor:     Harold Boihem
motion graphics:             Harold Boihem

click here to play movie(T-1/ISDN)(56k)

Motion Graphics can make or break a spot like this. Harold Boihem worked with the creative team at ad agency Red Tettemer to design the motion graphics and integrate footage provided by the client, still advertising created by the agency, and some selected shots produced by the agency. In addition to the music editing itself, Harold found it necessary to time compress and pitch shift the haunting music of "Carmina Burana" (O Fortuna) in order to fit the timing and rhythm of the spot. As with many other features on the new on-line Avid XL workstation, complete audio post-production has become possible with the introduction of the new Avid XL Meridian based systems.

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