title:                                    HOW FAR CAN YOU SEE? :30 SPOT
client:                                 Red Tettemer/Suburban Cable
production:                       Red Tettemer
post-producer:                  Harold Boihem
editor/on-line editor:     Harold Boihem
motion graphics:             Harold Boihem

click here to play movie(T-1/ISDN)(56k)

This spot was produced by ad agency Red Tettemer and created by Harold Boihem at Parallax Pictures. It represents the cost effectiveness of a Parallax specialty - working with pre-existing footage to creatively direct and edit a post-produced spot. By taking the script and selecting from a variety of footage previously shot for the client by SBK Pictures and other production companies, Harold was able to skillfully combine this material, with some lead-in and exit shots produced by the agency, to create a comprehensive whole. There are over three hundred and fifty edits in this commercial due to the speed-shift film effects executed in post-production entirely at Parallax Pictures. The ramping subtleties of these effects were so effective and successful, that even experts assume they were done in-camera while shooting the original film footage!

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